About SISC

SISC is a project under Alaafia.
SISC is a Registered 501(c)(3).
All donations are tax-deductible.
Registered No 84-4761643.
(262) 229-9339.

We formed Strength in Sickle Cell in honor of Ti’binta Fatamata Kamara (a Sickle Cell Warrior); she went to the great beyond on January 28th, 2014.

Strength in Sickle Cell focused on four primary areas;

• Sickle Cell Educational Prevention.

• Advocating for life-changing Legislation for People living with Sickle Cell.

• Sickle Cell Treatments and Cures education for patients.

• To work with developing countries and change the Sickle Cell narrative from no option to hopeful.


This community raises awareness to prevent Sickle Cell disease from spreading to the next generation.


No baby should be born with Sickle Cell by 2050.


In this community, people living with Sickle Cell disease can interact, share their stories, find a mentor or mentor someone.
They can express their feelings, pains and desires on things the medical community should do for better treatment and care.

We will feature issues affecting Sickle Cell patients in developing countries where essential pain medications and necessary therapies are not available in the reach of these people.
We will raise funds for these people and provide them with expert medical advice and tips.

Strength in Sickle Cell has different programs to help encourage these people.

Our digital program will assist a Sickle Cell person find a digital career, for instance, Social Media Manager.

Other programs include our Blog, Mentoring, Buy warm gear, or Sponsor a Sickle Cell child.

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