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Alaafia is a Registered 501(c)(3).

All donations are tax-deductible.

Registered No 84-4761643.

Alaafia offers a secure environment dedicated to empowering African immigrant families, those affected by Sickle Cell, and other individuals in need of services by providing support and resources.

Strength in Sickle Cell was established in memory of Ti’binta Fatamata Kamara, a valiant Sickle Cell Warrior who passed away on January 28th, 2014, to honor her legacy.

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Alaafia’s expanded program is tailored to cater to the needs of the Sickle Cell community. This endeavor bears the name “Strength in Sickle Cell.”

Alaafia serves as Wisconsin’s comprehensive Sickle Cell resource hub, your go-to destination for support, resources and information.

The project is centered around five key domains:

Digital Career Training for Sickle Cell Families: This facet is designed not only to aid individuals living with Sickle Cell but also to provide support for their families. Alaafia delivers specialized training to equip them for digital careers.

Domestic and Sexual Violence ServicesAlaafia offers dedicated services and resources specifically crafted for individuals with Sickle Cell disease who are also affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Mental Health Support: Alaafia provides Mental Health Support for Sickle Cell families because it is a crucial aspect of comprehensive healthcare. Living with Sickle Cell can be challenging not just physically but also emotionally and mentally for both the individuals affected and their families.

This program offers tailored psychological support to address the unique stresses and emotional burdens of managing Sickle Cell Disease.

Key aspects of this Mental Health Support program include:

Counseling Services

Support Groups

Educational Workshops

Access to Resources

Holistic Care Approach

Implementing this Mental Health Support program aims to enhance the overall quality of life for Sickle Cell families, ensuring they have the emotional and psychological support necessary to navigate the complexities of the disease.

Sickle Cell Educational Prevention and Treatment: This aspect encompasses educational efforts on Sickle Cell prevention, treatment options and potential cures aimed at patients and their caregivers.

Advocacy for Sickle Cell Legislation: Alaafia actively advocates for transformative legislation that can significantly impact the lives of those living with Sickle Cell.

“Strength in Sickle Cell” has devised a range of programs designed to uplift local communities. One of these programs offers blogging, mentoring, provision of warm clothing, and opportunities for sponsoring Sickle Cell-afflicted children.

This community raises awareness to prevent Sickle Cell disease from spreading to the next generation.

By 2050, the goal is for no child to be born with Sickle Cell disease.


In this community, individuals affected by Sickle Cell disease have the opportunity to connect, exchange personal experiences, and either find a mentor or become one. They are encouraged to voice their emotions, discuss their challenges, and articulate their hopes for improvements in medical treatment and care.

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